【Adobe将把直播功能加入Creative Cloud应用程序】

【Adobe将把直播功能加入Creative Cloud应用程序】Adobe在年度Adobe Max创意会议上宣布,Adobe正在开发直接内置于Creative Cloud应用程序中的实时流功能。该功能使用户可以选择直播并共享一个链接,供任何在线用户观看并评论他们的信息流。Adobe的实时流媒体功能旨在提供更多功能,设计者表示,该功能像是坐在设计师旁边学习,而不是去设计学校。


Adobe is building live-streaming into Creative Cloud apps

Adobe is developing live-streaming features that are built directly into its Creative Cloud apps, the company announced at its annual Adobe Max creativity conference. A beta version of the feature is currently available to a whitelisted group of users on Adobe Fresco. The feature gives users the option to go live and share a link for anyone online to watch and comment on their streams.

Chief product officer Scott Belsky compared the experience to Twitch but with an educational component that could filter videos for users who want to learn how to use specific tools.

“When you see a live stream of someone in our products, you want to know what tool they’re using — when they use the tool and when they stop using it — almost like a form of the waveform of video,” Belsky told The Verge. “But imagine a waveform related to what tools people are using, and imagine being able to source all live streams that have ever been done in a particular product, by a particular tool, to be able to learn how people are doing something.”

Adobe currently features artists on Adobe Live, a live stream that’s available on Behanceand YouTube for viewers online to watch artists at work. Live streams can often run as long as three hours, and the company says the average watch time on any video on Adobe Live is over 66 minutes. Some streams also show a tool timeline, seen above, that tracks which tools were used throughout an artist’s workflow.

Adobe’s live-streaming feature aims to be more useful than just watching a video on YouTube. “Designers say they learned by sitting next to designers, not by going to design school as much. We just need to enable that on a massive scale,” Belsky says. “It also makes our products viral.”



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