Today, part of the continuing education required of marketers and others in business careers is learning about artificial intelligence. After all, it’s now nearly ubiquitous in software, smartphones, and online, and business tech without built-in AI has serious shortcomings compared to that with it.

One powerful type of AI is natural language processing, or NLP. This process teaches computers to “use language like people” and is built into a variety of business tech, including chatbots, CRM platforms, and social media monitoring tools. And while it has a number of uses, some of the best-known reasons companies should invest in NLP-powered tech include improved customer service, automated writing corrections, and analysis of customer intent and sentiment.

Companies can also use NLP technology to drive better business decisions, such as with market intelligence, media buying, and hiring tools. And as it continues to improve, NLP will keep businesses competitive. It helps employees and customers alike, which means anyone in business needs to understand it, and use it well.

Get to Know AI for Business: Natural Language Processing

Infographic via Salesforce