Looking to get a better feel for what's trending among younger users - or get 'down with the kids', as they say?

Actually they don't say that, don't ever say it yourself. But if you are looking to get a better understanding of what the key topics of discussion are among younger social media users, Snapchat's monthly 'Snap Chatter' updates can be a great indicator, providing a general overview of what Snapchat users - predominantly younger audiences - are interested in right now.

The Snap Chatter report, which is based on on-platform discussion trends over the preceding month, covers a range of key areas, including general trending topics, entertainment, celebrities and - for those really game - trending slang. It would take a fairly bold brand to start integrating these latest acronyms and abbreviations into their messaging, but maybe it could work you. Maybe, sure.

Check out what was trending among Snapchatters in September below.

Snap Chatter - September 2019