【Google浏览器可以轻松地在不同设备之间发送网页】据外媒报道,谷歌已经开始在各个平台上推出Chrome 77,其中一个最好的功能是它提供了一种从一台设备快速发送网页到另一台设备的方法。所以,当您需要立即离开,并希望将您正在阅读的页面从电脑发送到手机时 - 您需要做的就是右键单击选项卡,选择菜单中显示的设备。然后在手机上点击您收到的通知,打开同一页面。


Google Chrome makes it easier to send web pages between devices

It's a simple change that could make Chrome easier to use.

Google has started rolling out Chrome 77 across platforms, and one of its best features gives you a way to quickly shoot web pages from one device to another. Say, you need step out right now and want to send the page you're reading on your laptop to your phone -- all you need to do is right-click on a tab and choose a device that appears in the menu that pops up. Tap on the notification you receive to open the same page on your phone.

While you can already see open tabs across devices via the History section, this option can ensure that you'll be able to access a particular page even if your mobile internet doesn't work. You can also send a page from your phone to a desktop or laptop, in case you were reading something during commute and want to move to a bigger screen when you get home. Simply tap on the three-dot "more" menu in your mobile browser and choose Share to see an option that says "Send to your devices," which brings up the devices you can send a page to. We were able to toss open tabs from an Android phone to Chrome for Mac and vice versa, though the feature is already live for iOS and Windows devices, as well.


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