【Apple的下一代iPad Pro可能配备后置三相机阵列】

【Apple的下一代iPad Pro可能配备后置三相机阵列】Mac Otakara报道(通过AppleInsider)下一代iPad Pro可能配备三相机阵列,而常规的10.2英寸iPad可能配备双镜头系统。多摄像头系统可能是Apple AR野心的一部分。今年早些时候,彭博社报道称,即将推出的iPhone中的三相机阵列将用于增强现实应用程序,iPad Pro也可以使用相同的系统。

Apple’s next iPad Pro could come with a rear triple-camera array


The regular iPad might get a dual-camera system

It’s widely expected that Apple will release an iPhone with a triple-camera array on the back, and a new rumor suggests that the company’s next iPads might also get multiple rear camera systems. Mac Otakara reports (via AppleInsider) that the next iPad Pro could come with a triple-camera array, while the regular 10.2 inch iPad might come with a dual-camera system.

Apple updated its iPad Mini, and iPad Air earlier this year, and it’s expected to unveil some additional updates for the iPad and iPad Pro later this year, which could include the new camera systems. Mac Otakara cites accessory diagrams from Apple suppliers, which point to the iPad Pro getting a bigger camera array. The upcoming iPhone 11 is rumored to be getting a similar system. It also notes that the 6th generation iPad could come with the same dual-camera setup that the iPhone 11 LCD model will have. The site says that the models could launch in October.

While Apple has introduced a dual-camera system in several recent iPhone models, they haven’t carried them over to its tablets: the latest iPad Pro has a single camera with 12-megapixel sensor, the latest iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad come with 8 megapixel sensors. The multiple-camera system could be part of Apple’s AR ambitions. Earlier this year, Bloombergreported that the triple-camera array in the upcoming iPhones would be used for augmented reality apps, and that the iPad Pro could also get the same system.


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