【Chrome新增“Focus Mode” 帮用户上网过程中消除分心】

【Chrome新增“Focus Mode” 帮用户上网过程中消除分心】Chrome浏览器即将引入“Focus Mode”,帮助用户在上网过程中消除分心。名为“Focus Mode”的新实验Flag已经引入到Chrome中,但目前并没有提供相关的功能介绍。外媒猜测可能是启用该功能之后会禁止网络通知,不过也有可能会限制用户访问可能会分散注意的网站,或者更改需要更静下心来看的页面界面。

Google Chrome to get its own Focus Mode

It appears Google is planning to help you fight distractions while browsing using a new Focus Mode in their Chrome browser.

A new flag has been added to the browser called “Focus Mode”.

The flag does not offer a description yet, and at present is non-functional, so we do not know what it will do yet.

One possibility is if it would temporarily suppress web notifications, but it could also be something more complicated such as restricting you from visiting distracting websites or changing the UI to something more sedate and calming.

Ideally, it would, however, integrate with Windows 10’s native Focus Assist, which would be another win for Windows 10/Chrome integration.



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