【TCL正研发至少5款可折叠设备 其中一款可变智能手表】

【TCL正研发至少5款可折叠设备 其中一款可变智能手表】援引外媒CNET报道从官方渠道获得的设备渲染和专利图像文件,TCL内部正在开发至少5款装备柔性屏的设备,其中包括两款平板电脑、两款智能手机和一款可以弯曲成智能手表的柔性屏手机。其中一款TCL柔性屏幕平板有点类似于柔宇科技的Flexpai。而智能手机则像以前的折叠手机,可以垂直往内或者往外翻折,最后一部手机能够弯曲成智能手表。这些图片表明手机业对可折叠设备日益增长的兴趣,可折叠被认为是手机设计的下一个重大飞跃,也让我们对手机形态有了更多的思考和兴趣。

TCL’s first foldable phone could slap-bracelet itself into a smartwatch

We’ve seen practically as many different folding phone concepts as there are phone manufacturers, but one particularly intriguing idea may soon be coming back from the dead — CNET reports that BlackBerry and Alcatel brand owner TCL is working on as many as five different foldable devices, one of them a phone that can bend around your wrist like a bracelet, per the image you’re seeing immediately above these words.

That’s actually not a new idea: one of the very first folding phone prototypes we saw from Lenovo was a bracelet-watch, back in 2016. Here’s a video of that one from Moor Insights & Strategy analyst Anshel Sag:

To be honest, details on TCL’s devices are pretty scarce. CNET’s only got the renders above and an image from a patent filing to show how these gadgets might work, and neither of them answer the all-important question: will it automatically snap into place if you smack it onto your wrist?

But the report does suggest that all five of these devices are in development, and so not just an art department’s interpretation of five different directions that TCL might go if it wants to build a folding phone in the future. Because that’s definitely what it looked like to me at first.

Plus, a source tells The Verge that TCL may have more to say and show at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week.


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