【Sarcos机器人赋予工人超能力:90公斤轻松举起】近日,据外媒报道,Sarcos Robotics研制的全身外骨骼机器人技术,已经实现了将装配线工人变成超级英雄的目标,通过可穿戴的商业外骨骼,工人可以举起甚至90公斤的重物。据悉,自2000年以来,Sarcos公司就一直致力于外骨骼可穿戴机器人技术。现在推出的商业外骨骼Guardian XO将于2019年底准备就绪,它不适用于战场,但适用于工业场所,如工厂车间,建筑工地和矿山等,可极大提升工人生产力,并减少伤害。


Industrial Workers Will Soon Don Exoskeletons and Achieve Super Strength

Sarcos Robotics’ full-body suits will let factory workers lift 90 kilograms without breaking a sweat

What’s the most important thing for people to know about the full-body exoskeleton from Sarcos Robotics, which can turn an assembly-line worker into a superhero? “We’re taking orders,” says Sarcos CEO Ben Wolff.

The company has been working on this wearable robotics technology since 2000, when engineers in its Salt Lake City headquarters began cobbling together experimental supersoldier suits for the U.S. military. A 2010 proto type, which enabled the wearer to punch through wooden boards, earned the nickname “the Iron Man suit” in homage to the high-tech gear in the eponymous comic book and movies. But that bulky version kept the user tethered to the wall by a power cord—something that would presumably interfere with superhero activities—and the suit remained in R&D.

Now, finally, Sarcos is coming out with a commercial exoskeleton: the Guardian XO. Wolff says the sleek battery-powered suit will be ready at the end of 2019. It’s intended not for the battlefield but rather for industrial settings such as factory floors, construction sites, and mines, where it can provide a substantial return on investment by boosting worker productivity and decreasing injuries.

Wolff says his engineering team made breakthroughs in power management that enabled them to build a practical and reasonably priced suit. “It’s one thing to make a very expensive robot in the lab,” Wolff says. “We’re finally at the point where the exoskeleton’s capabilities coupled with the economics make it a viable product.”

The XO will be available in two models: Workers wearing the basic XO will be able to repeatedly hoist 35 kilograms without strain, while those wearing the heavy-duty XO-Max will easily lift a 90-kg load. Each model has a battery that lasts for up to 8 hours and can be quickly swapped out.

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