Meet Lily, the world's 1st smart speaker that can teach you Chinese. Learn Chinese the natural way. No books, no vocabulary lists, no flash cards. Just speak. • 100% voice-controlled • Interactive conversations with an AI • From beginner to advanced level • Real-time translation • Voice games for vocabulary training • Chinese voice assistant • App to see Pinyin & learn Chinese characters • Pronunciation correction • Chinese exam preparation • High-quality sound from Harman & JBL engineering
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We‘re a team of Chinese language learners and machine learning engineers who specialize in voice processing and we’ve invented an exciting device that can teach you Chinese faster than anything on the market.

Lily is a voice-controlled speaker that can simply and easily teach you Chinese - think Alexa for Chinese learning! The fastest way to learn a language is not simply through reading books or the use of a basic app but to immerse yourself in the language and speak as much possible.

Learn Chinese by speaking directly with Lily. No voice-actor dialogs you must memorize but instead real interactive conversations to help you understand the language. Lily uses speech recognition to understand what you say and uses voice synthesis to reply with a human voice.

Translation has never been easier. Just ask Lily and get a response in real-time. Every translation is then logged into our mobile app so that you can find them later and review.
Learning vocabulary is tedious due to having to memorize long vocabulary lists. We’re changing all of this. Our voice games help you actively learn vocabulary, with oral questions and animations making the whole learning process fun and sticky.
Our Chinese voice assistant immerses you into a full Chinese language environment, from the comfort of your own home. Learning through immersion is the best way to become fluent in Chinese and better understand the culture.



See your conversations in Pinyin and learn Chinese characters with our mobile app. Get more details about each phrase including the translation and word breakdown.




We want you to have a great Chinese accent and we have designed the best way to help you achieve that goal. For a given phrase, you can check the accuracy of your pronunciation, see which words have been mispronounced and compare with perfect Chinese pronunciation.

In collaboration with professional Chinese tutors, we’ve developed easy to understand training programs so that you can reach a target Chinese level in 3, 6 or 12 months. We have a well- designed curriculum with regular exercises and a progress tracking system.


Lily can help improve your Chinese, no matter what stage you are at from beginner to advanced. Based on your product usage, we can approximate your Chinese language level and customize Lily’s teaching level so that it best fits your needs.

We’ll be adding more languages after Q2 2019, starting with French and Spanish. People who buy Lily now will benefit from those new languages just updating their software, for free.

Lily was designed with music in mind. Great sound begins with great driver design; a custom designed long-throw woofer for rich vocals, deep bass, dynamic range and a full-size edge-driven tweeter to deliver the high-fidelity audio resolution that you would find in a high-end home speaker. The drivers are managed by a perfectly tuned 30W high-power class D amplifier.

The audio team crafted the sound output with a true 360 degree by 100-degree constant directivity horn. The constant directivity means that anywhere within this listening window, you hear the same sound. The result? Anywhere you place the speaker and anywhere you are in the listening window, you’re immersed in deep bass, rich vocals, and crisp highs. No corners were cut and no compromises were made.

Lily is wrapped in a seamless knit fabric with both a beautiful texture and a strong permeability to sound. We engineered a low stitch density fabric so that its intermeshing loops can be elastic and stretch during assembly into large "holes" to better let the sound pass through.

Maybe is the only language learning company in the world that has vertically integrated its own hardware, its own voice AI and its own language learning content (each being a barrier to market entry by itself) into a language learning tool smarter than any other.

In 2014, before Amazon Echo existed, our team started working on voice-controlled speakers. Since then, we've engineered 3 voice-controlled speakers with some of the biggest Internet companies in the world and developed the voice AI to power them.

For teaching Chinese, we had to develop specific voice AI technology that can't be found in usual voice-controlled devices, whether it's being able to understand people speaking Chinese with a strong accent, or synthesizing a voice that can speak both English and Chinese fluently.

Maybe is an AI company that develops voice-controlled devices and voice processing AI chipsets which is based between San Francisco and Shenzhen.

Maybe is backed by Tencent through the Tencent AI Accelerator (40 companies selected out of 1500) and has worked with Baidu on a voice-controlled speaker. Our founder also went through YCombinator.

The team is composed of PhDs in Machine Learning and Signal Processing, software, engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers that have built products for Google, Samsung, Intel and Huawei.

We live in a world with strong educational inequalities, some people can go to the best schools and afford the best private teachers while others can’t pay for college. There are even people afraid to have a child because they think they wouldn't be able to pay for education.

Maybe is making education cheaper and more accessible by developing automated teaching devices powered by Artificial Intelligence. Maybe’s first product is a voice-controlled speaker that can teach Chinese.

Our goal is to foster a new era in which robots teach humans and humans have access to unlimited education.



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