【PornHub看美国中期大选:“性感”访问量飙升的选举之夜】近日,国外知名色情网站PornHub在中期大选后发布了系列报告,据分析,美国的访问流量在周二早上增长了20%,美国人在投票前很早就“激动”了一下,也许他们比往常更加焦虑,需要放松。①凌晨六点达到整日最高点,在下午4点到7点之间下降,但在选举结果前的8点增加了1.7%;②按性别分列显示,女性的流量在早上7点上升了近21%。但他们也关注选​​举更新,因为女性的流量从下午5点到晚上7点比往常下降了。③根据年龄段的分类显示,18至35岁和 35岁以上的人在下午6点暂停他们的Pornhub浏览,就像新闻节目已经开始一样……更多有趣解读↓↓


Good job everyone: Americans took a break from looking at porn long enough to watch the midterm erection election results roll in.

According to Pornhub's ever-insightful analytics, traffic in the United States was up as much as 20 percent on Tuesday morning.

The report theorizes that Americans jerked off early before hitting the polls, or "perhaps they woke up more anxious than usual and needed to relax."

Pornhub's traffic dipped when election night results rolled in.


Traffic dipped between 4 to 7 p.m. and then again between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. as results rolled in across the nation. Strangely, traffic was up 1.7 percent at 8 p.m. — maybe it was too late to vote but too early for results?

Women turned to Pornhub the morning of the election; a breakdown by gender shows that traffic from women jumped by nearly 21 percent at 7 a.m. But they also paid attention to election updates as traffic from women dropped more than usual from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Traffic from women increased by 21 percent at 7 a.m.


It seems like people of all ages were interested in staying informed about the results, as a break down by age range shows that both people 18 to 35 and35+ paused their Pornhub browsing at 6 p.m., just as news shows would have started.

People of all ages were trying to stay informed during this election.


In Washington DC, traffic was up by 31 percent from 8 p.m. to midnight as those in political careers sought some stress relief from campaigning.

Looks like those in DC needed some relief after an insane day.


So ... do what you will with this information.

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