【YouTube Kid推出白名单家长控制功能】

【YouTube Kid推出白名单家长控制功能】家长可以在设置中设定“仅限批准的内容”,添加希望孩子看到的内容进白名单。启用此模式后,孩子将无法自行搜索内容。此外,YouTube Kids还扩大了内容类型,添加了流行音乐和游戏视频等内容,以满足8到12岁观看者的需求。


YouTube Kids lets parents choose what their children watch

It also added a setting for older children.


YouTube has added two new features to its Kids app, both of which give parents more control over what their children are watching. First, parents now have the option to limit what their kids watch to just what they approve. After parents select "approved content only" in their child's profile, that child won't be able to search for content on their own. Instead they'll have access to the videos, channels or collection of channels their parents have specifically added to their approved list. YouTube announced this feature back in April and it's available now on Android globally. The company says iOS users will have access to it soon.

The second feature rolling out is a new setting meant for children aged eight to 12 years old. Parents will now have two age options to choose from -- "younger" and "older" -- in their kid's settings, and those options impact what kind of content they're exposed to. The older option will include content like music and gaming videos. This feature is rolling out now to US users but YouTube says it plans to expand it globally in the future.

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