【3D打印的“鳃” 人类水下呼吸神器】

【3D打印的“鳃” 人类水下呼吸神器】材料科学家Jun Kamei与RCA-IIS东京设计实验室合作设计了一款3D打印的“鳃”AMPHIBIO,帮助人类在水下呼吸。它由一种可以从周围水中收集氧气,并释放二氧化碳的特殊材料制成。技术灵感来自那些用超疏水皮肤表面捕获水里的氧气从而得以在水下生存的昆虫。这一发明的实际效果介于自由潜水和潜水设备之间,开发者将测试表面积至少32平方米的“鳃”,足以支持人类在水下呼吸。

The incredible 3D printed 'gills' that could let humans LIVE underwater

  • Uses a specially designed material to get oxygen from the surrounding water
  • Material can also release carbon dioxide into the water
  • Creator says it could allow humans to become 'amphibious' 

A 3D printed set of 'gills' could let humans live under water.

The system uses a specially designed material to replenish oxygen from the surrounding water, and release carbon dioxide.

Inspired by the gills of a fish, its creator hopes the design could help mankind cope with rising sea levels and spent more time underwater.


It was designed by designer and material scientist Jun Kamei at the Royal College of Art, in collaboration with the RCA-IIS Tokyo Design Lab.

He says it is 'designed for a future where humankind lives in very close proximity with water.

'It provides daily comfort to people who spend as much time in the water as on the land, Kamei said.

'The technology was inspired from water diving insects which survive underwater by virtue of a thin layer of air trapped on their superhydrophobic skin surface, working as a gas exchanging gill,'

Kamei says he is planning to test AMPHIBIO to support underwater breathing at human scale, where a gill with at least 32 m2 would be required to support our oxygen consumption in water.

He believes the invention in somewhere between free diving and scuba diving equipment.

'In a near future, it could allow the wearer to stay underwater longer than in free diving, but with less equipment than in scuba diving,' he said.

By 2100, a temperature rise of 3.2℃ is predicted to happen, causing a sea level rise affecting more that 30% of the global population and submerging the megacities situated in the coastal areas.


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