【HTC 展示可让用户穿过多个房间的VR位置追踪系统】

【HTC 展示可让用户穿过多个房间的VR位置追踪系统】大空间追踪的VR系统正在成为现实,但如果用户想在房间之间进行冒险呢?HTC展示了通过 SteamVR beta版,Vive Pro和16个基站进行的体验,该系统允许用户在多个房间之间使用 VR。一个测试人员成功穿过了一个复杂但相互连接的空间,并找到了被追踪的物体。http://www.looooker.com/?p=57636


HTC hints at multi-room VR using Steam

It's not quite what it looks like, but it points to a promising future.

Brian Oh/Engadget

You may know that VR in large rooms is becoming a reality, but what about venturing between rooms? It might happen sooner than you think, albeit with a few caveats. HTC has shown off an experience that used a SteamVR beta, a Vive Pro and 16 base stations to allow VR between multiple rooms. A tester successfully wandered between rooms finding tracked objects as he wandered through a complex but connected space. Don't expect to play VR games that span your entire home, though, as there are some limitations.

Observer Alan Yates noted that SteamVR is still limited to tracking from four base stations in a given session. This is really about support for "radio-based channel configuration tools" rather than a dramatic change in SteamVR's capabilities. As it stands, you can't buy this exact setup. You currently need to buy a Vive Pro to get Steam VR 2.0 tracking stations, and there's no certainty HTC, Valve or other companies will release stand-alone station packs in the near future. Think of this more as a glimpse of the future of room-scale VR than a sales pitch.




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