【Facebook被罚款50万英镑】 据外媒报道,Facebook因剑桥分析公司丑闻中的数据泄露,将被处以500,000英镑的罚款。该罚款是针对其两项行为违反了“数据保护法”。信息专员办公室(ICO)总结表示,Facebook未能保护其用户的信息,并且未能透露其他人是如何收集这些数据的。信息专员Elizabeth Denham还表明,用罚款和起诉的手段让该公司受到了应得的惩罚,但其真正目的是实现变革,恢复对民主制度的信任和信心。


Facebook fined for data breaches in Cambridge Analytica scandal

Firm fined £500k for lack of transparency and failing to protect users’ information

“Facebook has failed to provide the kind of protections they are required to under the Data Protection Act,” said Elizabeth Denham, the information commissioner. “Fines and prosecutions punish the bad actors, but my real goal is to effect change and restore trust and confidence in our democratic system.”

In the first quarter of 2018, Facebook took £500,000 in revenue every five and a half minutes. Because of the timing of the breaches, the ICO said it was unable to levy the penalties introduced by the European General Data Protection (GDPR), which caps fines at the higher level of €20m (£17m) or 4% of global turnover – in Facebook’s case, $1.9bn (£1.4bn). The £500,000 cap was set by the Data Protection Act 1998.

Facebook’s chief privacy Officer, Erin Egan, said of the intent to fine: “As we have said before, we should have done more to investigate claims about Cambridge Analytica and take action in 2015. We have been working closely with the ICO in their investigation of Cambridge Analytica, just as we have with authorities in the US and other countries. We’re reviewing the report and will respond to the ICO soon.”

The inquiry, described by Denham as “the most important investigation that the ICO has ever undertaken”, has also resulted in warning letters being sent to 11 political parties – every UK party with an MP in the House of Commons as of March 2017, when the investigation began – and notices compelling them to agree to data protection audits.

It has led to a criminal prosecution of SCL Elections, Cambridge Analytica’s parent company, for failing to properly deal with the ICO’s enforcement notice, and an enforcement notice against the same for not replying to a subject access request from an American whose data it held.

SCL Elections declared bankruptcy in May, two months after the Observer reported that 50m Facebook profiles had been obtained. Denham said the ICO was examining whether the company’s directors could be still be pursued now that SCL Elections had been placed into administration.

The investigation also found that Aggregate IQ, a Canadian electoral services company, had “significant links” to Cambridge Analytica, Denham said, and “may still retain” data about UK voters; the ICO has filed an enforcement notice against the company to stop processing that data.



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