【Facebook 利用 AR 让电影海报动起来】

【Facebook 利用 AR 让电影海报动起来】Facebook 去年发布了其相机 AR 的发展计划,终于他们要带来首个相关的工具—目标追踪技术,通过 Facebook 的相机连接真实世界的影像、图标、符号和相片到增强现实内容。《时间的皱折》(A Wrinkle in Time)和《头号玩家》(Ready Player One)已经在利用这技术进行封测 beta,开发者套件也会在春季稍后开放给所有人试用。http://www.looooker.com/?p=54853

Facebook uses AR to make movie posters more interactive

The "target tracking" tech is in beta for developers now.

It's been about a year since Facebook revealed its plans for camera-centric augmented reality. Now the company is moving ever further into an AR future with "target tracking," a way to connect images, logos, signs and pictures in the real world with augmented content using the Facebook camera. A Wrinkle in Time and Ready Player One are already using the tech via closed beta, and a developer toolkit for everyone else is on its way later this spring.

The company says the idea behind target tracking is to help create "persistent AR – experiences that are connected to and persist relative to places or things in the real world." Movie posters are fairly ubiquitous around the globe, making them a perfect test case for the technology. The team has also optimized things so a wide range of devices can access the AR content, from Apple's iPhone 5s and up to Android devices released in 2012 and later.


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