【Snapchat推出新功能,随时随地知道好友在哪】本周四Snapchat推出了新功能Map Expore,该应用可通过点击“新更新”来查看好友最新活动消息。该功能不再是过去的手动刷新,而是应用的即时“推送”。这样的“即时”功能还将扩展至突发新闻以及热点事件。当然,你也可以通过开启“幽灵模式”来关闭位置共享。Snapchat还将在应用中添加GIF以及标签功能,旨在使应用程序更加个性化且易于使用。

Snapchat just made it even easier to see what your friends are up to: Map Explore will send you updates on your pals' activities (but try not to get FOMO)

  • Snapchat on Thursday rolled out a new Snap Maps feature called Map Explore
  • The app will show location updates that can be viewed by clicking 'New Updates'
  • Map Explore will launch for users globally in the coming weeks, Snap says
  • Snap has launched a bevvy of new features over the past several weeks, including a 'Tabs' tool that divides content, as well as a GIF feature  

Snapchat's new Map Explore might give you a case of FOMO.

The tech firm on Thursday introduced a new feature to Snap Maps that lets you easily discover what your friends are up to.

Instead of having to scroll through Snap Maps to see where your friends are, Snapchat will start giving you updates that you can swipe through.

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Snapchat on Wednesday rolled out Map Explore, a new feature that lets users easily stay up to date with their friends' activity on Snap Maps

Snap said the feature should be rolling out to users globally in the next few weeks.

Map Explore also gives users updates for other 'moments' like breaking news, events and trends.

That particular component should be useful, as Snap Maps has increasingly been a hot spot for real-time, first-person updates during breaking news, like natural disasters and protests, as well as more entertainment-focused moments like concerts and popular sporting events.

Snap says Explore updates automatically based on user activity, like if friends take a road trip or fly somewhere new.

To view new info, users click on a button called 'New Updates' that will show any recent updates.

'With one tap, you can start a new conversation,' Snap said in an announcement.

However, Snap noted that the feature will only work for users who opt to share their location publicly.


Snapchat says Map Explore will roll out to users globally in the coming weeks. To see updates, users click on a button called 'New Updates' which will show any recent posts and events

By default, Snap Maps only shows users who turn on location sharing.

To change this, open up the Snapchat app, go to Settings, then swipe off/on 'Ghost Mode.'

When Ghost Mode is enabled, your friends can't see your location.

The move comes as Snapchat has tried to make it easier for users to watch the Stories they care about most.

The firm is adding a 'Tabs' feature to the app that will separate Snaps into Group Chats and active Stories.

Tabs are also being added to Snapchat's Discover page, where it will separate content into sections from publishers, creators and the community.


Snapchat is adding GIFs to the app that let users select from hundreds of animated stickers.  GIFs can be found by clicking on the 'Sticker' icon in the toolbar on the right side of the app

In addition to the new Tabs feature, Snapchat has added GIFs to the app that will let users include animated stickers on their photos and videos. 

'Tabs will make it easier for Snapchatters to keep up with the Stories they want, when they want them,' a Snapchat spokesperson said in a statement.


Snapchat said the Tabs feature will arrive on iOS and Android devices 'in the coming weeks.'

The move comes after Snapchat completely overhauled the app's design last November, by separating the app between 'social' and 'media' in an effort to make the app more personalized and easy to use.

Roughly one million users have signed a petition urging Snapchat executives to revert the app to its old design, while celebrities including Kylie Jenner and Chrissy Teigen have also questioned the new Snapchat layout.

Snapchat chief Evan Spiegel defended the redesign at Goldman Sachs' Internet and Technology Conference last week, saying that 'it will take time for people to adjust.'

Late last week, rumors began to circulate that Snapchat was testing a Tabs feature.

A Twitter user noticed that Snapchat was rolling out a new update that added sections to the friends page, as well as a new GIF feature.

Snapchat confirmed on Tuesday that the GIF feature would be coming to the app, beginning at 9 AM ET.


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