【Google重返中国?现在已经可以使用Google Map】

【Google重返中国?现在已经可以使用Google Map】Google在中国推出一个中国特定版本的Google地图,成为重返中国的重要一步。这个中国特别版已经可以在苹果AppStore上下载使用,但Android版本尚未更新。Google似乎与阿里巴巴拥有AutoNavi合作绘制数据,同时,为了进行导航,Google地图会从同一家本地中国公司启动第三方应用。

Google marks a significant return to China with Maps relaunch for web, iOS


In recent months, Google’s presence within China has increased following its 2010 exit over a refusal to self-censor content. Today, the company is taking a big step with the launch of a China-specific version of Google Maps.

According to Nikkei, Google has launched a version of Maps optimized for the country. This includes a website, as well as an iOS app for the iPhone and other Apple devices. An Android client is not mentioned, though Google could always make it available as a direct download from its site — as it did with Google Translate last March.

According to initial hands-on of the app, Google appears to have partnered with Alibaba-owned AutoNavi for mapping data. This is likely due to how geographic data in China is restricted, with special authorization from authorities required. Meanwhile, for navigation, Google Maps launches a third-party app from the same local Chinese company.

Another of Google’s inroads into the country was this December with the launch of the Google AI China Center in Beijing. It was the first machine learning research for Google in Asia as the company tries to court talent and fund local AI research.

The Nikkei report notes that China is interested in developing artificial intelligence technology. Google, through its TensorFlow machine learning library, is a major player in the field and is already used by many AI researchers in the country.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, news surfaced that Google made an investment in a YouTube Gaming-like eSports startup.




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