【Uber新功能:帮助聋人司机更好服务】Uber司机端新增一项功能:有听力障碍或聋人司机可通过司机端软件学习一些基本的交流词语如“Hello”,“Thank you”等,以更好服务用户。据内部数据,Uber平台上的聋人司机已经完成数以百万趟出行,这项服务将于今年9月正式落地。

Uber has added a new feature to its app this month to support its deaf and hard of hearing drivers, a group the company says number in the thousands across its service. Uber says that these drivers have together completed millions of trips, and while it has added a number of features to its app over the years to provide additional support for those with hearing impairments, it’s going a step further with a new feature launching at the end of Deaf Awareness Month, which takes place in September.

The new feature will surface a card in the feed of the rider app when they’re paired up with a driver who is deaf or hard of hearing that will give them an option to learn some basic words and phrases in American Sign Language (ASL). The rider can select basic greeting like “Hello” and “Thank you,” or learn the letters to spell out their name so they can confirm it to the driver.

It’s a small thing, but a handy tool that could build on top of what Uber already does in-app for its hearing impaired drivers.


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