【iPhone 8明日即将发布,iPhone X 或将配备6核处理器】

【iPhone 8明日即将发布,iPhone X 或将配备6核处理器】苹果将在9月12日的新产品发布会上新公布3款iPhone。近日,iOS 11 GM准正式版曝光,三款新iPhone分别是iPhone 8、iPhone 8 Plus和高端OLED版本iPhone X。取消指纹识别,取而代之人脸识别功能Face ID,Apple Pay支持刷人脸付款功能;三款新机都支持无线充电;iPhone X采用OLED曲面屏幕,取消Home键,并首次配置六核芯片。X是罗马数字10的意思,代表的苹果向iPhone问世十周年致敬。

iPhone X may pack a 6-core processor

There may even be hints at USB-C support.

This weekend's huge iOS 11 leak continues to spill the beans on the iPhone X... and the latest tidbits may be particularly relevant to performance junkies. Twitter user Longhorn has found that the processor in the iPhone X, and likely the step-down iPhone 8 models, will be a six-core chip. It's not clear how many of these will be higher-powered cores versus energy-saving secondary cores (Longhorn suspects only two are high-speed cores), but it looks as if they might all be usable at the same time. That would be a big step up from the A10 Fusion in the iPhone 7, which only allows the high- or low-speed cores to run at any given moment.

Notably, Apple has never made an iPhone where more than two cores were active at the same time. That hasn't been necessary for good performance in most circumstances (Apple's chips have regularly gone toe-to-toe with the latest from Qualcomm), but it has hurt the iPhone's potential in multi-threaded tasks where more cores could help. Even the A10X in the currentiPad Pro sticks to three full-speed cores and three efficient cores.

As it is, the latest code investigations allude to more than just a CPU update. There's more than one reference to USB-C, to begin with. This doesn't necessarily mean that the iPhone X will have a native USB-C connector, but it may take advantage of the format in a way the iPhone 7 can't. Other tidbits? There are further nods to wireless charging, although the absence of animations hints that it might not be available right away. And the previously mentioned Portrait Lighting feature, which changes the perception of how a subject was lit, may be available for both the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus. We'll only know the full scoop on September 12th, but these are at least tantalizing clues.


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