Need a hand with that? Bizarre strap on bot can give you an extra pair of arms

  • MetaLimbs straps on a user's back and provides them with an extra set of hands
  • Connected to sensors that are mapped out on the feet and knees
  • Robotic arms are powered with movements of limbs via bending sensors
  • Mechanical hands can also be removed and replaced with other settings  

This robot is willing to offer a hand, or even two.

Japanese researchers have unveiled a set of robotic arms that straps on a user's back to help them with physical limitations when carrying out complex


Called MetaLimbs, the mechanical set of arms is powered by the motion of the wearer's feet and knees via bending sensors that are mapped on the wearer's limbs.


MetaLimbs, which stands for ‘Multiple Arms Interaction Metamorphism’, is an additional artificial limbs to your own body.

‘It adds two robotic arms to the user's body and maps the global motion of legs and feet relative to the torso. It also maps local motion of the toes,’ researchers explained.

'Then it maps these data to arm and hand motion, and to fingers gripping the artificial limbs, adds force feedback to the feet, and maps the feedback to the manipulator's touch sensors.’

Not only can the robot offer a set of hands, but the mechanical limbs can be replaced with other settings – such as a claw, welding tools, a paint brush and more.


MetaLimbs was designed to work in two parks, which includes the positional tracking system and robotic arm system.

The tracking system requires that optical tracking markers be mapped out accordingly on the wearer’s toes and knees, which gathers information about the position and rotation of the limbs.

And depending on how the user moves their foot determines how the robotic arm will shift.

This part of the system also includes a socks devices that is worn under the hardware, which detects the position of the toes through ‘bending sensors’.

When the wearer curls their toes, the robotic hand will close – allowing them to easily grab an object off of the table or move something from one spot to the next.

The team has also added sensors that allow the user to feel haptic sensation on their feet.


This lets them know when the object is in the right spot to close their toes and grab it with the robotic hand.

The robotic arm system straps on to the wearer like a backpack and is designed to be used while sitting.

However, the team has noted that there are some tasks that it can do while standing up.


You can use your actual hands while holding an object with the robotic hand,’ researchers said in the videos.

‘Artificial can be customized for specific situations.’

‘They will support your tasks, including professional skills.’

‘MetaLimbs provides easy manipulating robotic arms by embodying movements.’

‘You can reach and grasp an object, touch yourself and move four arms at the same time’.

原文链接: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4556478/Bizarre-strap-robot-extra-pair-hands.html

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