The incredible selfie AI that can turn you into a talking bronze statue or copy any painter's syle

  • The software uses AI to animate a face in a video in the style of  a specific photo
  • It can identify faces and distinguish between the foreground and background of photos, animating faces in the style of photos of objects such as bronze statues
  • It's similar to other face recognition software's that use AI to, for example, manipulate a video of someone speaking in real-time 
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Researchers have developed an AI-powered filtering system that can animate your face in the style of your favorite artist.

The AI-powered algorithm can animate a face in a video in the style of a specific photograph.

It works by taking a picture and transferring its style to a video, in a similar way to a Snapchat filter.

The software, designed by researchers at the Czech Technical University in Prague, can identify faces, as well as distinguish between the foreground and background of pictures.

A short video released by lead researcher Dr Daniel Sýkora shows the software in action.

However, the team has refused to reveal exactly how the system works until they release their paper.



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