Agari Releases its 2013 Email TrustIndex– Second Quarter Edition

Agari today released its 2013 Email TrustIndex- Second Quarter Edition. The quarterly report gives an in-depth look at where consumers are most protected or vulnerable to email attack across industry sectors including Financial Services, E-Commerce, Social Media, Travel, Logistics and Gaming.

Each industry sector is given a TrustScore™ and a ThreatScore™. The TrustScore™ reflects adoption and deployment of security measures like DMARC, while the ThreatScore™ provides a measure of relative risk based on malicious activity and attempted attacks.

Here’s how the Industry Sectors fared within the TrustScore™ category:


As you can see, Social Media is leading the pack when it comes to protecting its customers with a TrustScore™ of 73.1. Internet Commerce has shown significant improvement since the first quarter, increasing its TrustScore™ nine-percent to 43.5. Travel is far behind with a score of just 17, though that score is a 15-percent improvement over its first quarter score, offering signs of hope that the travel industry, particularly airlines, are beginning to focus on securing their email channels.

The ThreatScore™ category offered some concerning, but not surprising, statistics:


Financial Services continues to be a favorite target for cybercriminals. Over a 90-day period, Financial Services saw its ThreatScore™ rise to 7.14, a 122-percent increase over the first quarter. According to the report, “consumers are seven times more likely to be the victim of an attack with an email from their bank versus any other sector.” Logistics saw its ThreatScore™ drop 24-percent to 1.82, but remains susceptible to attacks. Online Gaming, new to the TrustIndex, showed above average risk of attacks particularly because it has a “significant kids audience that may not be savvy to distinguishing between valid and malicious email.”

The Agari TrustIndex is the most comprehensive quarterly report of its kind and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! Finance and Dark Reading. The Agari TrustIndex has become a trusted resource on the current state of email security and the third quarter report due out in October is already being hotly anticipated.





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