【Windows 10 新版发布,恼人的自动更新终于可以“关闭”了?】

【Windows 10 新版发布,恼人的自动更新终于可以“关闭”了?】Windows 10 重大版本更新Build 15002 将于今年二月正式面向公众发布,其中加入了很多界面的改进和新功能,而长期以来惹恼用户的突然跳出的自动更新终于可以“暂时关闭”了。微软在新版本中添加了选项,允许用户最多禁用更新35天,但需要强调的是,该功能仅在专业版、教育版和企业版可用,而家庭版的用户只能指定最可能使用电脑的时间,有 18 小时的浮动时长,防止突然的自动更新。

Finally! Windows 10 will soon allow you to pause and postpone its irritating automatic updates for up to 35 days


Since Windows 10 was released by Microsoft in 2015, users around the world have been left frustrated with the constant automatic software updates, which could appear at any time, and take hours to complete.

But the firm has revealed that users will soon be able to pause the updates, and postpone them for up to 35 days.

The update comes as part of Microsoft's Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15002, which is expected to be rolled out to the public in February.

Microsoft announced a huge list of new updates in a blog on its website this week.

Among the changes are a range of improvements to the update experience, which many people have been unhappy about.

Until now, Windows 10 has forced automatic updates on people, which could pop up at any time, and could not be avoided.

Microsoft said: 'We've added an option that will enable you to pause updates on your computer for up to 35 days.

'To pause your machine, go to the Advanced options page of Windows Update Settings.'

But the update comes with a catch – it isn't available to all Windows 10 users.


Microsoft added: 'This capability will be available on Professional, Education, and Enterprise editions of Windows.'

But before users of the Windows 10 Home edition despair, there is good news.

Microsoft has updated its 'Active Hours' feature, which allows you to specify the hours you are most likely to be using your computer, preventing an automatic update.

Microsoft said: 'Windows Insiders with the Home edition of Windows will now also be able to leverage the increased 18 hour max window for Active Hours.'

Previously, Windows 10 Home users were only able to set a maximum active length of 12 hours.


Unfortunately, outside of this time window, Home users will not be able to pause updates.

The change to the update settings is just one a huge range of features in Build 15002.

Other updates include virtual reality support, 3D modelling, and even Braille support in Windows.


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