#研究分享#2016美社交软件公司收购案与趋势分析盘点】今日,Marie Dollé在网站Social Media Today上分享了有关2016年美国社交软件收购案的盘点,并提出了自己的分析:

1、  Pinterest发展迅猛,其在帮助人们发现新产品和销售方面更有潜力,这意味其更容易变现,也因而在2017年会势头更猛。

2、  Facebook全面进军,争当各领域领头羊,以硬件为例,Facebook今年有太阳能无人机和VR设备研发等项目,Nascent Objects的收购也证明了这一点。

3、  Snapchat也采用同样的策略,其九月份刚刚成立了Snapchat公司,CEO表示会将Snapchat聊天、图片和发现三大功能独立成能产生收益的商业项目。

4、  Twitter今年收购了员工反馈工具PeerAI技术公司Magic Pony Technology等公司,其目前发展路线十分不明朗,但可以确定的是其必将在视频直播领域有所突破。

5、  Linkedin今年努力平息了一场来自网络招聘领域的战争,在收购了Point DriveConnectifier两个项目公司之后,成功补充了求职信息汇总和顶级人才挖掘的功能拼图。

Bold Moves & Subtle Clues – Sizing-up 2016’s Social Acquisitions


The key to predicting future results is to analyze the actions and outcomes from the past. So what can we learn from social network acquisitions in 2016? And in the light of these acquisitions, what are the main lines of the future that are emerging?
Bold Moves & Subtle Clues – Sizing-up 2016’s Social Acquisitions | Social Media Today
Pinterest is set to Rock your World
Will discreet little Pinterest finally go big in 2017? If so, it could signal a major strategy shift.
Pinterest has begun to show its teeth a bit more this year. In less than 12 months, it's worked below the radar to broker six company acquisitions. Pinterest has always been about sales, but if social commerce keeps gaining momentum, Pinterest stands to make tremendous progress in the near future - which is why it landed a prime spot on our 10 Big Trends for 2017.
Research firm Millward Brown reported that 93% of visitors to Pinterest used the site to plan for a purchase, and that 87% actually made a purchase after seeing something they liked, making Pinterest’s ability to convert sales a key differentiator for their platform.
This year, Pinterest rolled out many new features to accommodate each stage of the customer purchase cycle. These include an updated recommendation engine, buyable pins, enriched pins, a shopping bag, and more.
In short: Keep your eye on Pinterest in 2017. It may seem like a quaint and unassuming little company (bravo to their marketing), but it just might become the new go-to platform for social commerce. Why? Because at their core, most social platforms like Facebook are focused primarily on connecting people not on generating sales. Pinterest, however, is focused on helping people discover new products and plan for future purchases.
Facebook and Snapchat evolving into conglomerates
Facebook - never to be out-hustled - continues to press its position at the head of the curve. It's effectively evolved its function as a social network to include hardware, with projects like the solar-powered Aquila drone and the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, as well as the acquiaition of Nascent Objects.
Snapchat's following a course similar to Facebook’s, starting with the launch of its rebrand as Snap Inc. in September. CEO Evan Spiegel has also made it clear that his company plans to transform its three core features (chat, images, and Discover) into independent, revenue-producing businesses.
Office War
Meanwhile, Linkedin is firing the latest salvoes of the growing battle to control your office. It's pushing to raise the standard of its content feed and expand the functionalities of its Sales Navigator solution. To facilitate the process, they made two key acquisitions, Point Drive and Connectifier - the first is a sales-oriented application that helps improve content sharing, and the latter makes it easier for HRs to discover and engage top talent.
On a nearby battlefield, competition is heating-up for Microsoft’s Professional Network. With the launch of Facebook Workplace in October 2016, Zuckerberg’s firm is angling to control the last part of your life he doesn’t already own… your job. Workplace incorporates Facebook Live, Skype, Instant messaging, and Facebook features such as groups, walls, and profiles.
Linkedin may have a fight on its hands if Facebook’s all-in-one package gets a foothold.
Twitter in search of a fresh boost
And what about Twitter? It's worth watching the micro-blog giant in 2017 because no one seems to know what they’re doing. The company has faced all sorts of challenges this year, and none of them, as yet, have been resolved. Given this, their acquisition of employee feedback tool and Peer is quite puzzling to say the least.
But the new year does bring hope for Twitter in the form of TV, including ‘first-run’ programming. Also, their past acquisitions from big data analysis companies may help them extract more value from their network and highlight wide-scale behavior trends and shifts.
Just look at Spotify - they enjoy tremendous success with their blog by gathering and crunching data about member platform usage.
As for the rest of Twitter’s decisions… we’ll have to wait and see.
The new year promises to be another exciting and dynamic year for social networks.

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