【 Nike纽约新店主打科技风?  】Nike纽约新店即将开幕,科技+运动成为其最大噱头:3D打印装潢、体感篮球场、虚拟购物墙。尤其是体感篮球场设计,能实时捕捉顾客的运动信息,并投射到大屏幕上,试穿感兴趣并且最合适的衣服。Nike希望能通过这家新店为每位顾客提供更个性化的服务。

SoHo is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in New York City. It's home to hundreds of shops from some of the most popular brands, including Apple, Adidas and, as of last month, Google. Now you can add Nike to this list. The sportswear giant will soon open a five-story, 55,000-square-foot spaceloaded with technology, from 3D-printed decorations (pictured above) to a Kinect-powered basketball court. There are also other simple, yet useful, things such as Apple Pay support and large touchscreens on walls that help you call an associate or buy products on the spot.





Sean Madden, senior director of service and experiences for Nike's direct-to-consumer division, says the tech inside the store isn't meant to be the main attraction. Instead, he says these features are designed to make the shopping experience more personal. With the hoop, for example, the Kinect sensors are there to capture movements from your body and display those on a massive screen in front of you. That being said, the idea is obviously that you'll use that area to try on shoes you may be interested in buying.

I went inside the store, which happens to be near Engadget's NYC office. Here's what else I came across during my tour.

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