YouTube Go上线:离线观看视频+本地便携分享

Google于今天正式上线YouTube Go服务,进一步细分和拓宽视频分享服务。这项服务主要针对的用户群为印度用户,在网络环境并不乐观的环境下更为高效的享受视频。YouTube Go允许用户储存视频至本地以便于稍后在本地观看,此外针对视频质量和文件尺寸提供多项选择所以用户能够非常明确的知道下载了多少的数据。

Google announces YouTube Go for video junkies on a data budget

Google announces YouTube Go for video junkies on a data budget

Credit: Google
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At its Google for India event in New Delhi today, the company announced a new mobile app designed with users in India in mind: YouTube Go.

The app brings YouTube to your mobile device with a slew of options to help you save on your carrier’s data fees and to work in areas with poor connectivity.

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YouTube Go features video previews in the form of slideshows for each clip, so can get an idea of what it’s about before you stream or save it to your device. You can also see its file size before downloading, along with how much storage space you have left on your phone.

It also lets you send videos to others near you over Bluetooth – allowing you to share without having to worry about spending on data a second time.

The app builds on Google’s previous efforts to make YouTube more easily accessible to people in areas with slow connections and expensive data. Two years ago, itenabled offline playback on the platform for Android users; in June, it announcedSmart Offline, a feature that automatically downloads selected videos during time slots when data is cheaper or free on your mobile network.

YouTube Go will become available to test soon; the company hasn’t announced an official date, but users in India can sign up on this page to be notified when it arrives.

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