【Apple Watch可在空中悬浮充电】

【Apple Watch可在空中悬浮充电】有设计团队设计出让Apple Watch漂浮着充电的充电器Lift,该充电器将会结合Apple Watch的感应磁铁,让它可以在空中悬浮,通过其感应充电系统,Apple Watch在悬浮的同时还能充电。当充电完毕之后,还可将其变成一个智能灯!

LIFT is an Anti-Gravity Levitating Smartwatch Charger


We know that charging your Apple Watch can be a little bit annoying, but what if there was a super cool way to do it? Well, a few folks over on Kickstarter are trying to raise funds for what they’re calling LIFT, the “the only levitating system that wirelessly charges your Apple Watch in thin air.”

According to the campaign, LIFT uses a proprietary induction system that’s inspired by Tesla’s original idea of transferring electricity through the air.

The company says that they are heavily influenced by both Apple and Porsche design, keeping design to a minimum and making user experience a top priority

While this looks super cool, it’s going to cost you a little bit of cash if you want one. Right now, their Early Bird Kickstarter special lets you grab one of these for $149. Other models include the ability to charge your iPhone as well as your iPad alongside the Watch. That will run you $249.

The idea is pretty cool, though we’re always a bit skeptical when it comes to Kickstarter campaigns. If this does work out, though, this has to be the coolest way to charge your Apple Watch, by far.


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