【AR版口袋妖怪已上架】据TechCrunch报道,AR版的口袋妖怪(Pokemon Go)今日已在美国等地上架,有iOS和安卓两个版本。该游戏利用LBS和AR技术让手机和现实场景互动,并将现实场景按照元素分解,如玩家通过用手机摄像头扫描大海寻找水系宠物小精灵,并与其对战或捕捉。

Pokemon Go is now available in the US for iOS and Android


Aaaaand there it is: Pokemon Go is available for iOS and Android in the US.
You could’ve gotten it a bit early if you wanted to do some account trickery when it launched for parts of the world earlier today — but if that seemed like too much work, US folk can now find it for iOS here and Android here.

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