【Here地图:告诉你电动汽车去哪儿充电】Here 地图和德国电动汽车充电服务公司 Hubject签署了合作协议,电动汽车车主可以通过 Here 地图、导航系统访问充电网络中关于充电站的信息,让车主更容易找到充电站,同时可以事先了解可供其使用的位置。这项合作很可能会给电动汽车的发展带来非常大的助力。http://www.looooker.com/?p=29697

HERE and Hubject help electric vehicle drivers to take charge

For drivers of electric vehicles, the headache of finding a charging point has been well-documented. Indeed, it has been found that around 85% of electric motorists charge up at home or at work, showing that most drivers are too concerned about being caught short to rely upon public charging points. HERE and Hubject are working together to change that.

To offer drivers of electric vehicles an easier, more streamlined way of locating charging points, HERE has teamed with Hubject, which connects hundreds of different stakeholders inside the electric mobility market to provide an integrated charging infrastructure around Europe.


We spoke with Thomas Daiber, CEO of Hubject, who told us more about the collaboration: “When you buy a new electric car you have two questions: where can I find the next charge point, and how can I use this charge point. We want to answer these questions, and our partnership with HERE will allow us to do that.”

“Our first step is to provide information on charging stations in Europe without any white spots – gaps in information in places where there is no intelligent infrastructure. We want to provide drivers with a comprehensive map of charging stations all around Europe.”

Plugging in

By integrating information on charging stations from the Hubject platform with the HERE mapping system, electric vehicle drivers can be confident in the fact that they will never be caught short, ensuring an improved customer experience.

Now, they can gain access to up-to-date, accurate information about all nearby charging stations at the touch of a button. Real-time information on the charging points will be made available to users of HERE-powered maps.


Thomas tells us more: “By gathering all the information – both static and dynamic – from different charge point operators across Europe, and integrating it into HERE Maps, we can provide drivers with real-time access to details including a station’s address, city, postal code, plug type, energy and capacity. This is of high value to the customer.”

Electric Avenue

The information will be included in integrated in-dash navigation systems, as well as in the HERE Maps mobile app.

Michael Bültmann, Managing Director of HERE, adds, “Maps and location are all about providing relevant information at the right place, time and context.”

“By integrating information from Hubject about charging stations into our map, drivers of electric vehicles can plan their routes with more ease and confidence, being reassured to know about all charge facilities within their range.”


The integration will be complete and made available this summer. Thomas tells us more about the goals for the collaboration:

“Our goal is to make the experience of driving an electric vehicle as simple as possible. To do this, we hope to introduce new functionality in the future, such as using parking sensors to let users know whether the charge point they want to use is blocked by another vehicle, or whether it’s already in use. We want to add more value-add services, and this collaboration is a step towards this.”

“Essentially, we want to make the charging of electric vehicles as simple as taking cash out of an ATM.”

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