Windows 10升级提醒打断天气预报

【Windows 10升级提醒打断天气预报】Windows 10的升级提醒想必很多人都十分讨厌,但现在最讨厌这个提醒的可能是爱荷华电视台的主持人,爱荷华州电视台在直播天气预报的时候,Windows 10的升级提醒直接跳跃到屏幕上,打断了直播。一个大写的尴尬。

Windows 10 is now ruining weather forecasts


And you thought it was annoying when you leave your computer to make a cup of tea, returning to find Windows 10 installing.


Microsoft’s free Windows 10 “recommended” upgrade nag interrupted a weather person mid-flow as she was live describing the conditions around Des Moines, Iowa, on KCCI News.


We get it, Microsoft. People should upgrade. But interrupting the weather to tell us is overkill.



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