John Durham Peters 讲座直播预告

John D. Peters传播学系列讲座

讲座人:John D. Peters, A. Craig Baird Professor in Communication Studies, Department of Communication Studies, University of Iowa.

讲座一:Oldness of New Media,11月8日,周二,下午1点,二教309,
讲座二:Subtlety of Adorno and Horkheimer,11月9日,周三,下午3点,一教102,
讲座三(seminar):Horizons of Communication Theory,11月11日,周五,下午2点,学院会议室,遥感东楼106

 the oldness of news media——John Durham Peters.pdf (328.69 KB, 下载次数: 12) 
Subtlety of Adorno and Horkheimer 电子书

John Durham Peters
A. Craig Baird Professor in Communication Studies 
Media History and Social Theory  

John is interested in media and cultural history, communication and social theory, and understanding communication in its broad historical, legal, philosophical, religious, and technological context. He teaches large lecture undergraduate classes such as Core Concepts in Communication Studies and Media and Society, and smaller undergraduate courses such as Case Studies in Transnational Media. At the graduate level, he teaches seminars on critical theory, the history of mass communication theory, media and modernity, pragmatism, the public sphere, and transnational media.

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