【Twitter也要裁员,凛冬将至?】Twitter创始人Jack Dorsey重新担任CEO之后有众多举措的传闻,甚至包括取消140字限制。但如今公布的新的措施则主要是裁员,停止扩张,这将有利于成本控制。暂时没有公布裁员人数,也并没有更激进的其他措施,Twitter的将来还需要我们拭目以待。

Twitter's returning CEO is reportedly planning layoffs



Twitter's 'new' permanent CEO only took the reins five days ago, but he already appears bent on cleaning house. Sources for both the New York Times and Recode understand that Jack Dorsey is planning layoffs that could start as soon as October 13th. While it's unclear how many people will lose their jobs, Recode understands that this is part of an attempt to streamline an engineering team that has become "bloated." Tipsters had already claimed that Twitter was freezing the expansion of its San Francisco headquarters, but Dorsey would be taking that cost-cutting to a new level.

The company isn't commenting on the rumors. However, job cuts wouldn't come as a surprise. Although Twitter is improving its bottom line, there's purportedly a sense among insiders that the firm's programming team is bigger than it should be given the company's growth. Twitter has doubled its headcount in the past two years, but has 'only' added 50 percent more users -- it's not getting a great return on its investment. Whatever the reasons, the layoffs would be consistent with Dorsey's very public desire for greater focus at a company that's seemingly willing to try anything and everything in the name of making money.



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