Siri的联合创始人Dag Kittlaus最近表示,Siri来自希腊语,意为“将人引向胜利的美丽女人”,但是乔布斯并不喜欢这个名字。
Dag Kittlaus 说,他在挪威和曾和名为Siri的女士一起工作,并希望将自己的女儿起名为Siri,可是他生了一个大胖小子。鉴于当时Siri的域名还没有被注册过,还考虑到这个名字容易拼写和读出,于是就打算将siri作为苹果语音助手的名字。
Dag Kittlaus 说,当时乔布斯并不喜欢Siri这个名字,尽管他一直坚持“这是个超赞的名字。”但是乔布斯仍然希望使用其他名字,但是找了半天却没能找到更好的,于是才决定启用Siri这个名字。

A palate-cleanser for the four course meal that will be your long and fruitful day: Yoni Heisler recounts a talk by Siri co-founder Dag Kittlaus in which he describes the naming process. Siri means “beautiful woman who leads you to victory” in Norwegian and Kittlaus owned the domain. He was planning on naming a child after said beautiful woman but his first child was a boy. Instead, he named his product after her.

Once Apple bought the company, Kittlaus was brought into Apple HQ to speak to Scott Forstall. After a bit of hemming and hawing, he was sent to meet with Steve Jobs in secret.

And he wanted me to come over to his house the next day, and I did, and I spent 3 hours with him in front of his fireplace having this surreal conversation about the future. And, you know, he talked about why Apple was going to win, and we talked about how Siri was doing. And he was very excited about the fact that.. you know, he was very interested in this area in general but, you know, they’re patient, they don’t jump on anything until they feel they can go after something new and he felt that we cracked it. So that was his attraction.
Steve initially didn’t like the name Siri for the iPhone’s voice assistant but, unable to find a better name (Ethel, maybe?) he settled on a Norwegian warrior goddess. And now you know… the rest of the story.

文章名称:Steve Jobs Was Against The Name “Siri” Before He Was For It

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