Lee Rainie及其团队获得ASA14杰出社会学报告奖

2014年8月16日到19日美国社会学年会第109届年会在美国加利福尼亚州旧金山举行。Lee Rainie及其团队执行的皮尤互联网和美国人生活项目(PIAL)获得了杰出社会学报告的殊荣。这个奖项旨在鼓励有效运用媒介——写作、摄影、摄像、记录、表演等方式向公众传播重大社会议题及社会学发现。皮尤互联网和美国人生活项目(PIAL)已经成为采用调查方法研究科技重塑人类家庭、公民生活、健康和社会领域的“标杆”。今年美国社会学年会将荣誉授予Lee Rainie及其团队,以表彰他们广泛与社会学家合作,最大限度公开数据,不遗余力揭示媒介对人类生活影响等方面做出的杰出贡献。为此本届大会特意组织了一个特殊的分会场,邀请Lee Rainie,以及使用PIAL的数据进一步分析研究的社会学家,如多伦多大学的Barry Wellman教授,华盛顿大学的Pepper J. Schwartz 及Gina Neff等学者共聚一堂,探讨PIAL数据和研究对从社会学到公共政策指定等一系列领域的积极影响。

Lee Rainie及Barry Wellman以PIAL项目数据为基础的Networked:the New Social Operating System一书已于2012年由麻省理工大学出版社出版,中文版权已由中国传媒大学出版社引进,北京大学新闻传播学院杨伯溆教授及其工作团队(北大新媒体)精心翻译,即将面世。



295. Special Session. The Social Census of the Digital Age: Honoring the Contributions of Lee Rainie and the Pew Internet & American Life Project to the Public Understanding of Sociology

Session Organizers: Ryan D. Kelty, Washington College and Gina Neff, University of Washington

Presider: Ryan D. Kelty, Washington College
Pane: Lee Rainie, Pew Research Center"s Internet &

American Life Project
Pepper J. Schwartz, University of Washington Barry Wellman, University of Toronto
Gina Neff, University of Washington

This session highlights the contributions of Lee Rainie and his team at the Pew Internet & American Life Project (PIAL) as this year’s recipient of the ASA award for Excellence in Reporting Sociology. This award recognizes professionals who have been especially effective at using the media – either written, performed live, photographed, recorded, or filmed – to inform the public of social issues, giving them a broad awareness of the sociological approach and sociological findings. The Pew Internet & American Life Project has become the standard bearer for surveys about how technology is shaping our families, our civic life, our health, and our society. This year we are pleased to honor Lee and his team for their broad reaching impact in reporting findings, working with sociologists to report on social trends, and in making their data publicly available – benefitting scores of sociologists and other researchers interested in understanding the intersection of web-based technology and the human experience. This session features a conversation among Lee, sociologists who have used PIAL research or data for their own research and teaching and recognizes the impact that public, empirical sociological investigation for the social good can have on scholarship and news. The panel will focus on the impact of Lee and PIAL’s data and research have had across various areas of sociological inquiry and public policy.


3. 《超越孤独:我们如何在移动网络世界里生存?》文章章节抢先看:http://t.cn/8s8JQ8a?mid=3704855891750393&uid=2115657363



5.多伦多大学Barry Wellman教授与北大新媒体团队成员范博阳在ASA2014会场合影



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